(Ship) Timeline for the day

All times are approximate "SHIP TIME" (3 hrs ahead of UT) - Just to indicate what our body clocks thought of it
Accurate timings welcome!

0150 Alarm clock goes off.
0215 Breakfast.
0300 General free for all getting onto buses.
0300 Depart Benghazi harbour.
0315 Arrive filling station - Some buses failed to refuel last night.
0435 Leave filling station.
0640 Arrive at the Ajdabiya toilet wall.
0700 Get back on bus and depart the longest toilet in the world.
1000 Next comfort stop at Jalu.
1050 Arrive close to site.
1100 Encounter first traffic jam.
1135 Encounter second traffic jam.
1145 Abandon hope of moving on and disembark bus.
   Lets do the eclipse.
1450 Fourth contact.
1455 Request to hurry up and get on the bus.
1515 Arrive Eclipse City.
1555 Depart.
1700 Arrive Jalu for the remaining buses to refuel.
1740 Depart Jalu filling station.
2100 Comfort stop at Ajdabiya (North of the "infamous" wall).
2315 Arrive back at the boat.
2330 Dinner.
0045 Download pictures and thermochron data - begin plotting graph.
0150 Alarm goes off - left over from this morning.
0230 Get to bed.

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©2006 Andrew J White