Annular Solar Eclipse from Kourou, French Guiana
2006 September 22

 After leaving the Novotel in Cayenne at 4am, we arrived on site (Pointe des Rochers, Kourou) at 5am and set up camp 
adjacent to some fellow eclipse chasers - Matthias Graner, Michael Gill and Craig Small

Waiting for the sun to rise (L-R): Val, Matthias, Michael and Craig

At  around 6.19 the sun peeped above the horizon and gradually rose through the low cloud creating 
a fantastic effect with the sea horizon (known variously as Etruscan Vase, Omega Effect or Inferior Mirage)

There was a large local gathering for the eclipse, most clutching solar filters (which were given out 
free at some of the village health centres).

The crowd gathers in front of the Dreyfus Monument

At last the main event - an annular eclipse. Quite a big annulus so very little light variation in the lead up.


Just about 4th Contact

...and between all that the birds flew around and across the sun (as seen in these video stills)...

Afterwards - not as many folks hang around for 4th contact...

...but there was a dedicated few who did...

L-R: Craig, Michael, Matthias and Andrew
Matthias's pal was there, too, but off camera

Val and Andrew

We took our usual temperature measurements, though the results don't show much (graph).
We also took humidity measurements which mostly recorded "HI" - i.e. greater then 90%.

After the eclipse, it was a mad dash to the Kourou space centre for our guided tour.

Ariane 4 Launch Site

Ariane 5 Launch Site

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Author: Andrew J White
Copyright 2006 Andrew J White